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A rose by any other name | Knock-off in style

A rose by any other name

So, this is my blog. I’m going to try and document here my love of finding cheaply made knock-offs of designer furniture. I know a number of objections can be raised to this. I’ll deal with them a little later.

Right now my biggest problem is a lack of a name that I love for this website. So – ideas are welcome!

Now, onward to the concerns you might have:

  1. Why do you steal money from the wonderful people who create stylish things by giving it to those who rip them off? As a very recently graduated student I am well familiar with the state of really-really wanting to live in a nice apartment, but with nearly no funds to do so. I dream of the day I can afford to buy myself a Bertoia or an Eames Eiffel chair. However, until that day comes I am perfectly willing to live with the cheaper versions. The designer version, in the virtue of being produced with love and care, is nearly always better made, and will last longer.
  2. Aren’t you an artist? Can’t you sympathize at the pain of being copied without credit? The whole point is to give credit where credit is due. Most people who shop in Ikea don’t realize where the vast amounts of things they love actually originate. Not to diminish the credit of Ikea’s designers; but there are a lot of knockoffs in Ikea’s arsenal. Here, at least, we can be educated on the original and true creators. They say imitation is the best form of flattery…
  3. But mass produced isn’t green!
    Ikea itself actually is fairly green. Target? Probably not so much. Fact of life is – when you’re poor (or in this case “not well off”) living green is not the highest priority. The best furniture resource for going green is garage sales. When I have time I look at those – and finding wonderful original and knockoffs is awesome, but does nothing for the greater good of sharing the roots of good design.
  4. This site is Ikea centric!
    Possibly; I am Toronto based and try to pick merchants that I could actually buy from. That excludes Target and Walmart websites for me (even though I still shall link to them out of sheer joy of finding a cheaper substitute).
  5. This website is US/Canada centric!
    Hopefully Canada more than the U.S. If you’d like me to find a cheaper version for another country, give me the name of the website which I can look at that would ship or sell there. Internet and all, but I still know very little about cheap furniture in Europe or Asia.
  6. I have an idea to post!
    Please e-mail me!
  7. I have an idea for a better name for this website!
    Please e-mail me!
    • fake@mail.com
    • June 14th, 2007

    Awesome idea!!! Kudos! I will be looking to furnish a new place shortly as well. I am planning to check back often for ideas, so you better keep this up. :) Now how about a Noguchi table knock off. hehe

  1. Olya-

    Very cool!
    I’m bitten by the same bug.It’s a form of value analysis (an industrial disciple.)
    Substitution, combination, elimination, simplification, & standardization.

    It also falls in the area of “found art.”

    Glad to see you brain is still greased.

    -Steve Teare

  2. Me again.
    Check this link above and find a knockoff for this funky art. No miniatures. Just a challenge.
    I think it’s cool and there has to be someone out there selling a knockoff.

    -Steve Teare

  3. no one could imitate duchamp without ruining the point that he was trying to make :-)

    • carla_pysh@hotmail.com
    • January 16th, 2008

    Website name ideas:


    or…what about a little anthropomorphism in your blog name:
    “Design Impersonations”

    • Angie
    • March 19th, 2008

    Great Site! Thanks a lot.

  4. Carla, those are good! I think Mimeo is already taken as a brand name though…

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